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Designing Web Sites That Sell By Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis

 Table of Contents

Don't get it pretty — get it right.

Chapter 1 - Design Process and Project Management
Defines your role in the process of creating commerce design; explains the unique challenge of web-commerce design.

Chapter 2 - Six Principles of Good Commerce Design
Highlights critical elements such as speed, usability, personalization, brand identity and consistency.

Chapter 3 - Information Design for Commerce
Understanding the customer, the content and the technology.

Chapter 4 - Interaction Design for Commerce
How a designer can learn to think like a site visitor.

Chapter 5 - Presentation Design for Commerce
Choosing a visual style that suits the brand and the commerce activities. Featuring examples from Amazon, Barneys, Blue Nile, Christies, Handspring, J. Crew and Volkswagon.

Chapter 6 - Site Launch and Maintenance
Get a handle on the proper techniques of testing and revising a commerce site.

Chapter 7 - Real World Examples
Featuring case studies of Herman Miller Red, Flowerbud, Eziba, Audion, Transportation.com, Rackspace and Photonica.

Appendix - Commerce Design Beyond the Browser
Explores the challenges of designing for emerging technologies and devices such as cell phones, PDAs, web tablets, kiosks and interactive television.

Designing Web Sites That Sell By Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis

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