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Designing Web Sites That Sell By Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis

Edition 1st - Paperback
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Pages 256
ISBN 0-201-79304-0
Publish Date May, 2002
Publishers Peachpit Press, Rockport Publishers
Category Web Design, Internet Commerce


"Designing Web Sites That Sell" recognizes that good design is more than just a pretty face; it persuades visitors to act — to look, buy, and come back for more. Written by designers for designers, it's a results-oriented guide to building a profitable e-commerce site without sacrificing design and style.

You will learn to:

•  Identify and understand the customer, the content and the technology of commerce sites
•  Master six critical principles of good commerce design
•  Understand the process and players involved
•  Effectively play your role in the process of building a site
•  Use information, interaction and presentation design to create an effective, easy-to-use commerce site
•  Build a winning site that's easy-to-update
•  Get a handle on how to test and revise the site
•  Understand how to take your commerce site to other devices and platforms.

Plus, you'll get:

•  Real-world case studies of successful commerce design, featuring examples from Amazon, Handspring, Herman Miller, J. Crew, Flowerbud, Volkswagon, Christies and Blue Nile.
•  Practical, professional advice and tips

This book is ideal for:

•  Budding web designers
•  Experienced web designers who are new to commerce design
•  Project managers of commerce sites
•  Managers that want to understand the design process

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