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Good design is understanding. It is goodwill and it is revelation. But most important, good design is a proven tool that generates business. Hypergene specializes in the following design services:

• Design, typographic makeovers and product development of newspapers and magazines
• Design and development of books, advertising campaigns, brochures, posters

• Design, usability analysis and product development of web sites, eBooks, presentations

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Speaking Engagements
Hypergene is available for speaking engagements and will bring fresh and provocative insights to your gathering. Recent topics include:

Amazoning the News
What if we told stories on the web the way Amazon sells books? Storytelling on the web demands its own vocabulary and strategies – indeed a whole new way of thinking.

What News Media Can Learn from Computer Games
Talk given at the Institute for New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota. See video clip.

On-site Training Sessions
Unlock the potential and inspire great work from your people with a smart workshop designed for you.


Based in Atlanta, GA
Mobile: (678) 707-2683
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