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  Clients - Talk Magazine, Hearst, Lockheed Martin, Procter & Gamble
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 Web Design & Development

BellSouth Broadband Services - (software development, usability)
MyFamily.com (marketing, product development)
Agilix.com (design)
Kaboodle.com (user interaction design)
Radio Shack (marketing)
American Airlines (marketing)
TIC - The Industrial Company (marketing)
Hour Media (magazine prototype design)
GizmoLabs (logo design, software interface design)

AlternativeAir.com (web design and Trip Calculator in Flash)
Alorie Media Technologies (web site design)
GuideLive.com (CitySearch/Ticketmaster affiliate design)
iView Multimedia (web site design)
KnowledgeMiner (web site design for Script Software)
My-Cast.com (Network affiliate template design)
New Directions for News (web site design)
Moonflower Gardens (web site design & digital photos)
PlexusLaw.com (web site design)
Jackson Walker law firm (information & interaction design)
Procter & Gamble (Portal strategy)
Talk Magazine (web strategy & consulting)
Voyager Expanded Learning (web design & consulting)

 Newspaper Redesign & Development

Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cleveland, Ohio
Redesigned newspaper for narrower press web; included complete typographic makeover, style guide and staff training.

People Newspapers
Dallas, Texas
Redesigned weekly newspaper; included complete typographic makeover, style guide and staff training.

The Detroit News
Redesign voted Top 10 Best Designed Newspapers in the World
The Los Angeles Times

  The Cleveland Plain Dealer Redesign  
 Magazine, Book Design & Development

Hour Detroit Magazine
Detroit, MI • City Magazine
Co-founded, art directed and edited an upscale city magazine.

Epic Sports Classics
Birmingham, AL • Book Publisher
Designed 10+ sports books, some with a turnaround deadline of only a few days.

Air & Space (Smithsonian - Design consulting)
Balance - Hearst Media (Editorial development, Prototypes)

  Hour Detroit Magazine  
 Branding, Promotion and Photography

AOL Digital Cities - Dallas
Assignment digital photography - more than 500 photos.

Jan Sevadjian Designs
Dallas, TX
Photographed products and created brochure for designer of boutique boxes, albums & frames.

iView Multimedia
London, England

Created software packaging, manual, tutorials and marketing collateral.

Lockheed Martin

  Jan Sevadjian Designs  
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