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Amazoning The News
by Ellen Kampinsky, Shayne Bowman, Chris Willis

Our whitepaper shows how traditional news stories might be treated in the design model of Amazon.com. We contend that a successful news Web site is a platform that supports social interaction around the story. These interactions are as important as the narrative, perhaps more, because they are chosen by the readers. In a networked world, media whose primary value lies in its ability to connect people will win.

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NBA Game Story
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News Story: Ashcroft Nomination
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News Story: Chandra Levy

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 Other published versions

Web Journalism: Promise and Practice of a New Medium
By James Stovall. College textbook.
Published by Pearson Allyn & Bacon, Sept. 2003.
Nobody Reads Anymore by John Miller, Roger Black
New Riders Publishing, Dec. 2001
The American Editor magazine
July, 2001 (Vol. 76, No. 5, Issue 819)

 Presentation dates

• Playing The News: Journalism, Interactive Narrative, and Games
Minneapolis, MN | November, 2001
• ASNE Interactive News Conference
Tampa, FL | November, 2001
• The Content Connection: News in the Age of Access
Minneapolis, MN | August, 2001
• IFRA Newsroom Convergence Conference
Barcelona | May, 2001
• Editor & Publisher Interactive Newspaper Conference
Dallas, TX | February, 2001



The Net responds
"I think we'll see this model of news sooner than later."
— a reader in Montreal



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Tomalak's Realm by Lawrence Lee. His weblog is a valuable daily resource for us.

•  Evhead by Evan Williams. Evan is the CEO of Pyra, makers of Blogger.
•  Scripting News by Dave Winer. Dave is the CEO of Userland Software.


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