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We Media
Shayne Bowman, Chris Willis | July 2003
How audiences are shaping the future of news and information.
Commissioned by The Media Center at The American Press Institute.
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The Art of Selling Visual Ideas
Shayne Bowman, Chris Willis | March 2002
To successfully sell a visual concept to a client, a designer must use a strategy that turns a subjective argument into an objective one.

Case Study: The Nike Network
Shayne Bowman, Chris Willis | March 2002
How Nike uses a successful graphic design strategy for branding across an online network.

Designing Web Sites That Sell
Shayne Bowman, Chris Willis | February 2002
Written by designers, for designers, our new book guides you through the process of creating a successful commerce Web site, where good design is more than just a pretty face. It's the tangible element that persuades people to act — to look, to buy and to come back for more.

A Designer's Library
Shayne Bowman, Chris Willis | February 2002
Our directory of essential books, web sites and software.

What Can News Media Learn from Games
Shayne Bowman, Chris Willis | Nov 2001
Media organizations don't realize that their job is connecting and enabling communication. They can no longer just be the 'big mouth', they have to become the 'big ear'.

Amazoning The News
Kampinsky, Bowman, Willis | updated Aug 2001
What if we told stories on the web the way Amazon sells books? Storytelling on the web demands its own vocabulary and strategies — indeed a whole new way of thinking.

We're still here, damn it!
Ellen Kampinsky | July 2001
A report on the Webby's spit-in-your-face spirit.

When in ROAM: Why wireless executives still don't get it
Chris Willis | April 2001
Thoughts about The Industry Standard's ROAM conference in Tucson, AZ.

Don't get it original. Get it right.
Shayne Bowman (as told to Chris Willis) | March 2001
Thoughts from a one-day course "Presenting Data and Information" by Edward Tufte.


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