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Thanks to weblogs like Tomalak's Realm, a number of sites have commented on this whitepaper or linked to it. Thanks to everyone who joined in.

"Once you see it in action, it's tough to argue with the methods the authors are advocating."
Signals vs. Noise | Chicago
13 forum comments

"Is Amazon the model for online storytelling? Quite plausibly, yes.... Who will be the first smart cookie to hire Kampinsky to turn this broadly fabulous idea into a demonstration project?"
NuBlog | Toronto
An insightful response to our whitepaper

"Amazoning and Aggregating - the new news: A look at how news sites can be improved."
David Moore

"...An intruiging look at how you can improve your content delivery to give more information value to your readers. I would definitely switch to such a news site if it existed."
Brad Choate | Bethel, Connecticut

"Basically, these guys have nailed it. The way news is typically presented on the internet is in a way that's receptive to the old-style AP reports and time deadlines. The internet has no time deadline."
Kevin Bryan | Boston

"... This article is a solid refresher on what the differences are and how they can be advantageous to writers, story tellers, and indeed, resellers like Amazon. The examples showing the use of the Amazon model ... (are) nothing less than brilliant."
Splorp (Grant Hutchinson)

"It seems weird at first, but maybe I would want to see the news this way..."
5 user comments

"Designers of online learning should read this article. Not because I think an online course should look like a page from Amazon.com but because this is an example of how a traditional media should break through its traditional limitations. After viewing this article, don't you think it's absurb to simply place some text on an HTML page and call it online news?"
Stephen Downes | University of Alberta

"Think about it, because I think we'll see this model of news sooner than later."
Attaboy | Montreal

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