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August 2010

Misreading Tehran: The Twitter Devolution

March 2009

Is the economy really this bad?
Roundup of We Media Miami session: In search of a new kind of story

September 2008

Introducing Footnote Pages
We're launching something at TechCrunch 50 today

August 2008

Why I hate Flickr

April 2008

CNN: Vets pay tribute to fallen comrades at virtual Vietnam wall

March 2008

First 48 hours of The Wall
The Wall on CNN
Free Vietnam photos from Footnote and The National Archives
Launching The Wall
Footnote goes first click free

February 2008

Speaking at We Media today: Start thinking like an anthropologist
At We Media Miami today
Tapping into the Power of Participation
NY Times launches newspaper archive viewer: TimesMachine
The Vietnam Wall and the networked story
Speaking at We Media and NFAIS this week
Footnote frees 1 million historic documents and images
Upcoming Keynote Address at PSP 2008 in DC

January 2008

Flashback to the CueCat: Google tries barcodes in print ads

November 2007

Newspaper ad sales decline at a quickening pace

October 2007

Twitter used by news outlets and emergency services during California fires
Japanese air target anlaysis
7 Rules for Social Media

September 2007

The Networked Journalism Summit
Chris giving keynote address at ASIDIC Fall 2007 Meeting
Traffic to online news sites up dramatically but revenues show signs of slowing
Google News starts hosting news services content

July 2007

Thomas Jefferson: Citizen journalist
James Surowiecki on what crowds can and cannot do

March 2007

Boyd & Buffett: Newspapers are dead already
The Investigation of William Randolph Hearst

January 2007

One Rat Short
Chris Anderson's vanishing point theory of news
5 lessons learned from Footnote
Proud to announce the launch of Footnote - and first content partnership with the National Archives

December 2006

Blogging from the newsroom

November 2006

Powazek: A Tale of Three Communities

October 2006

Don't write, build something

May 2006

Buffett: Newspapers are "a business in permanent decline"

April 2006

Newspaper's date with the butcher

March 2006

Trust in Transition: An Interview with Karen Stephenson
Not allowing conversations is immoral

February 2006

iBrattleboro: Citizens can be good reporters despite a lack of qualifications
MediaShift: Dan Gillmor finds his Center
De Nieuwe Reporter podcasts

January 2006

Heard it on the Newsvine: First impressions

December 2005

Nieman Reports: The Future Is Here, But Do News Media Companies See It?
Sampling of New Media Predictions for 2006
Outing: Nine New Year's Resolutions for Newspapers
Usable exhaust: The active ingredient of effective social media
Yahoo gets Delicious
We've joined the Corante Media Hub

November 2005

Dynamic podcast networks
Putting a price on citizen media or what's the value of your blog?

October 2005

The state of advertising in RSS feeds
What a little Kaboodle could do
Can 'Citizen Journalists' Really Produce Readable Content?
What Obstacles Exist for Online Journalism?
Remixing is active consumption
When virtual friends become real
We Media: Rethinking the role of the BBC
We Media: Sitting with Watts Wacker
We Media: Al Gore's wake-up call
We Media: Activism and Democracy
We Media: Culture, Politics & Buzz
We Media in NYC

September 2005

Is Katrina turning pros into citizen journalists?
MSM tries to attract the CJ
Where should citizen journalists submit a Hurricane Katrina story?
Interview with Jonathan Mendez, co-creator of the Katrina Information Map
Amid the chaos, innovation arises in citizen journalism

August 2005

Found on Flickr: Do news photos show racial bias?
More people may have watched cable hurricane coverage online than on TV
When sources strike back: Why blogs will continue to force greater transparency in reporting
CNN highlights citizen journalism content on home page

July 2005

'A new kind of participation'
British Police Solicit Mobile Images from Citizens
Citizen journalism site launched:

June 2005

Deuze: Towards Professional Participatory Storytelling
'Community' as a term to mask dirty acts by dirty people
Online communities: Growing an Internet garden
Will the BBC make it harder for UK newspapers to survive?
We Media cheat sheet

May 2005

Skills needed to be a good citizen editor
MediaBlog stats
Copyright,, and repurposing RSS feeds
IBM redux: Autonomy, reputation and community
Technology Review: Is 'CraigsNews' coming soon?
IBM, blogging and the rise of the world's biggest media company to offer subscription service
Interview with Matthew Yeomans on The Birth of Wikinews
BusinessWeek: Mainstream press will open archives
Online is the destination for local news - especially for younger adults

April 2005

The New Reputation Brokers
Gladwell: "Research is a fundamentally social process"
Our role in the funding
Interview with Richard Sambrook, director of the BBC Global News Division
OhmyNews International open for citizen journalists

March 2005

A citizen's responsibility in media ethics launches
NYT: Can Papers End the Free Ride Online?
Hurst Interview: Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales
15 non-white male blogging voices
Craigslist founder embraces citizen journalism
Harvard/Nieman: Whose News? Day 2
Harvard/Nieman Foundation: Whose News? Day 1
Interview with Bowman, Willis, Gillmor, Lasica and Outing about weblogs

February 2005

What's all the fuss
Whose News? Media, Technology and the Common Good
Wikipedia glossary on participatory journalism
Review of 6 new participatory media-related books
Collaborative media not printer-friendly
Can a Blogger Be Sued for Libel?
Blogging the Madrid skyscraper fire
How do you turn newspapers into a conversation?
Update on the We Media Spanish translation
Dan Gillmor: Tales of an editorial page provocateur
Amigos: We Media translated in Spanish

January 2005

Comments are back online
Sundance's Digitial Divide: Films 'broadcast' on Internet ineligible
Sundance panel on documentaries, blogs and the changing politics of america
Interview: We Media one year later
Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism

December 2004

ABC News names bloggers People of the Year
The Bastardization of Beta
A is for Amazon. P is for Paris Hilton?!
Dan Gillmor is ready to rumble

November 2004

CNET adopts trackback and pingback
Gillmor's "We the Media" now in HTML
TIME's People of the Year: Bloggers?
Being the big ear
Jarvis: "This is a chain-reaction of revolutions"
Comment spammers should be shot

October 2004

Participatory media: Democracy's killer app
It's a wiki, wiki, wiki world
The difference between Copyright and Creative Commons licenses
We Media released under Creative Commons license
AJC's marketing of Sports weblogs pathetic
CNN and Florida Today: A Tale of Two Blogs
European Media and Rathergate
Sketches of Spain

September 2004

Which side is winning? Democracy.
Memogate, Rathergate: Round 2
You Call That News? I Don't
Four new First Monday papers
Rushkoff: The Real Threat of Blogs
Jon Stewart: "Anybody with a Web site is part of the real media."
Pew: How Americans Use Instant Messaging
No Disputing It: Blogs Are Major Players
The End of 'Network News'
Citizen reportage, digital photography and Flickr
OJR Interview with Dan Gillmor
Interview with Steve Outing about Eyetrack III
Webcast to Examine "We Media's" Election Impact
Poynter Eyetrack III research results
Upcoming speaking engagement in Spain

August 2004

Who Do You Trust, The Wiki Or The Reporter?
White House Goes to the Blogs
Wired News: Net Publishing Made Profitable 
Transparency Begets Trust
Howard Rheingold's Latest Connection
We're All Journalists Now 

July 2004

We the Media weblog in beta
Manifesto for the Reputation Society
Blog readers a 'distinct and important new demographic'
We'll need more bandwidth

June 2004

Why can't a newspaper be more like a blog?

April 2004

The open media company of the future
The Onion Brings a Tear to Your Eye
What is Journalism?
PJNet interview: MPR's Mike Skoler

March 2004

Digital tools, copyright and free culture
News and Diversity
More from PC Forum 2004
A night in the desert (hanging at PC Forum 2004)
Cuban to add comments to weblog
Cuban to media: Check, checkmate
When sources become media
Live from Mediamorphosis
Recommended Reading
WeatherBug continues to let it's audience reign
A Passport for News Site Registration

February 2004

Pew: 53 million American adults have produced content online
A cite to delight in
RSS-P-E-C-T: Sock it to me.
Site Review: Do you, uh, review?
Gatekeepers No More
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading
Learning the lessons of contingency design
A good reader feedback form
Recommended Reading
Cronkite Reflects on Sevareid
Make websites linkable in stories
A cautionary example for personalized sites
Recommended Reading
Interview on PJNet Today
Recommended Reading
Media coverage of Martha Stewart
Recent papers from First Monday
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading
The vision thing
Chatting about attribution of online conversation
Beyoncé's iTune the day after

January 2004

Blog Comments as News
After New Hampshire
And the Oscar goes to .... whom?
Obits Go Meta

December 2003

Audience can be a good editor, if you let them

November 2003

Dallas tabloid war leaves us shaking our heads
Web Journalism: Practice and Promise of a New Medium

October 2003

Headlines from the bottom up: The Daily Us
Five More Radical Things About the Weblog Form in Journalism
Citizen blogging
Participatory Religion: An interview with Pastor Tim Bednar
Weblogs: "A new source of talent"
New Media, 1740-1915

September 2003

We Media whitepaper released

August 2003

The BBC frees its archives
JD Lasica's series on participatory journalism
BBC offers readers and viewers online course in journalism

July 2003

Rethinking objectivity in a world of spin
Bill Moyers interview with Jon Stewart
Big Brother's Big Brother

June 2003

The disaster of the FCC

May 2003

Oh my! South Korea news site makes 'every citizen a reporter'
Weblogging and journalism: Isn't this debate moot?

April 2003

NYT: Amateur Content Critical to Columbia Investigation
Moveable Type creators announce TypePad
Hartford Paper Tells Employee to Kill Blog
Corporate Blogs make personal connection
A Good RSS practice - maintaining dead feeds
SARS and SMS: How the News First Spread
The Memory Hole: CBS deletes Iraq story
New RSS book and recent articles
Pew report: 77% of online Americans have used the Internet in connection with the war

March 2003

Licensing MSNBC content on your site

February 2003

Blogs open doors for software developers
UCLA study: 53% Believe most information on the Net is reliable
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: How blogging changed journalism — almost

January 2003

Utne: The Daily Me (Promo) Anjula Razdan
Making the case for Case
All eyes on Gawker

December 2002

Chris takes a job at
Dan Gillmor's Journalism 3.1b4
Recommended Reading
Kuro5hin's active text ad comments
Recommended reading
CityBlogs revisited
MediaBlog log analysis
Recommended Reading
City Guide meets Blog

November 2002

Recommended Reading
Site Review: Star Tribune's 2 Cents
AOL Time Warner digs a deeper hole
Fear of Linkimacy
Best of Revenge of the Blogs
Recommended reading
Quantum Theory of Trust
Interview with Steven Nieker, Waypath Project
Recommended Reading
Online Credibility Survey in Dallas
Site Review: MyWay portal
Recommended Reading
Interview with Jan Schaffer of Pew’s J-Lab
Tools: Macromedia's Contribute
Recommended Reading
Participatory Journalism = Digital Civic Journalism
FAQ: How we write our blog
How U.S. broadcast TV undermines democracy and the public interest
Rant: A MacWorld lament
Portals, Blogs and RSS: Why They Are Your Future
Conference summary: The News Business in Transition
Army's new marketing ammo: games and community
Jon Stewart: "You guys are confusing yourselves with real journalists"
Trust: The new currency of the Information Age
Recommended Reading

October 2002

The News Business in Transition
Print media grapple with the network economy
Trackback and news media: part 2
Participatory journalism defined
Christian Science Monitor launches RSS feeds
Yes, weblogs are relevant news media
The death of the Internet
Communities grow where communication occurs
Recommended reading
Not what we were hoping for
The remote controllers
AOL's new Social Media approach
Online news subscription models won't work, again
Watchdogging the watchdogs
Engaging online communities before publishing the news
The value of trackback and pingback to news sites
Grass-roots reporting breaks MS ad fraud
iCal has news delivery implications
Putting ads into RSS news feeds
Site Review: Wired News redesign
Are you a gardener or architect?
What if the AP went open source?
Site Review: Google News Beta
Site Review: User Picks
'Blog' as red herring
Slashdot: Are Internet news sites ready for major world news?
Is Broadband the Killer App for News?
Tools: Surfin' the News with Sidekick
Narration Ltd.
Education communities and blogs
The mass amateurization of publishing
The Sorting News: Yahoo! lets readers rate stories
Amazoning The News
What News Media Can Learn from Games
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